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Bookdealers' Most Embarrassing Typos

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 12 months ago

Bookdealers' Most Embarrassing Typos



Please do add more when you find them. Anonymity is assured!



Cataloged by a dealer with a cold:

Narratives of Colonial Aberica



A book with a lot of food stains?

The Bib Book of Mother Goose



Coffee table book that got a makeover?

Oversize Boob, In Very Good Condition, With A Very Good Dust Jacket. 276 pages. All About The Old Sailing Ships, With Many Diagrams And Pictures.



Spotted, appropriately enough, in a description of a music book:

Bach cover has damp marks.



A new form of aerial warfare?

Finger Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering



Something about the new singable anatomy?

Songboobs, by Nick Hornby


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