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Glossary Page XYZ

Page history last edited by Gwen Foss 15 years, 1 month ago


Glossary of Book and Ephemera Terms and Abbreviations


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~~~ X ~~~


xerograph. another name for [photocopy]. (Pronounced ZEER-o-graf.)


XL / xl. see [ex-library].


xylographic book. see [block book].


~~~ Y ~~~


yapped / yapp edges (named for William Yapp). refers to a book having covers with edges of soft leather, or sometimes another material, extending beyond the [textblock]. Yapped edges are most commonly seen in Bibles and devotional books; they tend to show a lot of wear.


yellowed. [browned]; turning yellow, brown, or brittle due to age. Yellowing is common with high acid paper such as that used to print newspapers and cheaply made books.


young adult. refers to material, particularly novels, aimed at young people about thirteen to eighteen years old. Mainly a publishing industry term but also used by dealers. Young adult [softcovers] are usually the same size as [mass market paperbacks]. See also [chapter book].


~~~ Z ~~~


zigzag folded. see [accordion folded].



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This glossary was written and compiled by Gwen Foss of Alan's Used Books with thanks to the many independent bookdealers of TomFolio.com



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