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Peter Hathaway Capstick

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Peter Hathaway Capstick


Peter Hathaway Capstick, former Wall Street stockbroker turned professional adventurer, has been critically acclaimed as the successor to Hemingway and Ruark in African hunting literature.


He was born in New Jersey and educated at the University of Virginia. He left Wall Street at the age of nearly thirty and began hunting in Central and South America before going to Africa in 1968. He held professional hunting licenses in four African countries: Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana, and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He spent most of his life in Africa, and died in South Africa in 1996 at around the age of 56. Rumor about a year ago was that his widow was writing his autobiography.


The .470 Capstick is a rifle cartridge created by the A-Square company in 1990, named after Capstick. It is based on a .375 Holland and Holland Magnum case blown out and necked to accept a .475 inch (12 mm) bullet. With 500 grain bullets, it can achieve 2400 feet/second (730 m/s) muzzle velocity from a 26" barrel. Although it is not very flat shooting because of slow velocities, it still transmits an extreme amount of power. The cartridge also produces a large amount of recoil.


He was a much-respected writer as well as professional hunter.



Books written by Capstick

Death in the Long Grass 1977

Peter Capstick's Africa : A Return To The Long Grass 1978

Death in The Silent Places 1981

Death in the Dark Continent 1983

• Safari: the Last Adventure, 1984

The Last Ivory Hunter 1988

Death in a Lonely Land 1990

Sands of Silence 1991

• The African Adventurers: A Return To Silent Places, 1992

A Man Called Lion 1994

Warrior: the Legend of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen 1998



Books in the Peter Capstick Library Series

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