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Tomfolio 2008 Annual Meeting

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 10 months ago

Our 2008 Annual Meeting was held at the home of Lee and Gary Kirk in Eugene Oregon. Three shareholders -- Julian Brogi of BookBrowZers.com, Lee Kirk of The Prints and the Paper, and Barb Radisavljevic, of Barb's People Builders. Our two spouses, Gary Kirk and Kosta Radisavljevic prevented us from getting overly involved in book conversations. Julian and Barb counted the 27 ballots and declared those nominated elected. What else happened I hope will be revealed in comments and pictures from those who were there. So I hope Lee and Julian will put in their two cents worth.


Barb's Recollections: What she can remember most and what she won't forget: Lee in her apron where I made her stand in the front yard. The apron is significant because she spend part of the meeting preparing our delicious meal. I think she took a picture of us eating it out on the deck table, and I hope she will share it here so you can all see what you missed. Lee is also the best one to explain what she's standing in front of here. I also hope Lee will share the view from the deck where we ate. Somehow the pictures I took of it didn't come out.


Lee in her front yard -- a break while cooking for us.







We see Gary Kirk off to the left, Julian in the middle of the sofa. I'm probably off to the side partaking of refreshments. On the wall you can see part -- a very small part -- of the Kirk library. There seems to be part of it in every room. Why am I not surprised?


Comment from Lee posted on Owners' List:


I might explain that the wall behind Julian was also filled with books until
recently. We removed four bookcases full from that wall (living room
renovation going on). Some will enter my inventory, the cartons you see
piled behind the couch (12+) will go to Powell's and whatever isn't
purchased will be donated. It's amazing how few "personal interest" books
have any value these days. But not to worry - there are more books
(everywhere) that will fill the shelves, and in fact we are worried that we
won't have enough space (as usual).
Here are some more pictures of the backyard garden from the tour. Maybe Lee can add comments later. (We'd even welcome Gary's comments, since this garden is his work. )
The picture below shows more detail of the patio pictured above.


And now to the front yard, which should have come first, but I'm a bit backwards today.
Please notice the boulders at the end of the path on the left. Gary MADE those. We were fascinated as he explained the process.
Even more amazing (Lee, correct me if I'm wrong) the boulder on the right toward the back was hauled in, along with some other large ones.
This, the last of my pictures, shows the front garden looking out towards the street, where you can see our trusty white Volvo Wagon that got us safely there and back. I'm assuming the Kirks own the mini-van in the driveway.
As to the content of the meeting and what was discussed, I doubt if any of it would be considered proprietory. We mostly got acquainted, did our ballot-counting job, declared the new board members elected, and adjourned. Without a quorem, there wasn't anything more official we could do. I was a bit shocked, though, to see how few ballots came in. I'm hoping the new board will be able to generate more interest among the shareholders in participating more. And I'd like to welcome our new board members: Michael Libenson (Mike's Library), Chris Tozer (Cat's Cradle Booksellers), Rock Toews (Back Creek Books), and Don Gallagher (Gallagher Collection Books).
Barb's section is now done, but open for your corrections and comments. 8/6/2008



Lee & Gary Kirk are such gracious and interesting hosts and a visit to their comfortable and inspiring home is a treat under any circumstances, but they outdid themselves for the annual TF meeting. Lee put on a truly sumptuous, almost decadent spread of a lunch, enjoyed topdeckside with an enchanting view of Gary's artful rock & faux rock landscaping below. Conversation sparkled and touched briefly on books and bookselling from time to time but the mood of the day did little to encourage much shop talk.


This was my first Annual Meeting and I was fortunate to only have to make a 60 mile drive; kudos to Barb & her husband for making the long haul up from California. It was a pleasure to meet them both. I'm looking forward to next year and perhaps the opportunity to meet more of the TF clan.


I'll probably chime in again when Lee posts her pictures. TTFN, Julian Bookbrowzers. (Not my real name)



Here's some from Lee! (click) Lee's report: 2008 annual meeting













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